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Though you can get me me via SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn etc I'm most responsive to email. My email address is


  • Looking for full time employment in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley areas.
  • Residing in Santa Cruz
  • Full Stack
  • No health issues
  • US Citizen
  • Father to two happy, healthy daughters
  • Willing to commute or telecommute
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Recent Coding Bootcamp Graduate
  • Mac and PC literate
  • Past experience in large and small tech firms
  • Team Oriented
  • Sailing

    Sailing is by far my favorite sport. I started when I was 10 years old and have logged thousands of days on the water. I have cycled through all manner of large and small sailboats for fun, competition and work. For me my highlights include organizing and captaining the delivery of a brand new boat from North America to Hawaii, crusing in exotic locations such as Tonga, Belize, Tahiti and the Virgin Islands.

    For me sailing has everything. I love the thrills and spills of high performance sailing. Here's a good spill (I enter stage right) as seen from my buddy's helmet cam:

    Family and Outdoors

    I am married to my awesome wife Michelle and we have two daughters, Mikala and Alexandria. My wife and I are carefull about putting them in the online spotlight which is why you won't find any of the typical photos here.

    I had a lot of fun camping as a child and now I'm using camping as a way to teach a love of nature, simplicity, planning, and self confidence to my two young daughters, Alexandria and Mikala. This year I took Alexandria on our first (for me too!) backpacking adventure. We hiked up to the Twin Lakes area of Desolation wilderness in the sierras and spent two days up there with two other families.

    In addition to camping I'm taking the girls on regular walks and they are quickly learning all the habits of the local critters which for us are- Dolphin, Humpback Whales, Pelicans, Cormorants, Sea Lions and Sea Otters.

    Photo of Bryan Myers