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Used PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery to develop a customer support site for Vigilent Corp. I'm also doing development on their main site on a continual basis.


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Used HTML, Teamsite, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Zurb Foundation, JSP and an ATG database to design & develop sections of I also fixed bugs and troubleshot code written by other developers.

  • Plantronics – hundreds of small changes, additions, bug fixes, etc.
  • EY subsite - Consulted, contributed to the design, and created the front end for this support portal.
  • Product Reviews - Used AJAX to create the auto-fill in the form input.
  • Product Support – Consulted and adapted the product details page to a layout more conducive to receiving technical support for a product.
  • Partner Connect - Implemented jQuery and Javascript functions to show and hide field sets in the form based on selections the user made.
  • GCA Registration - Implemented reCaptcha for spam filtration.

Suns Up Solar

Ajax Sorting Image

This will be my first commercial website done with Ruby on Rails. I'd say the site is about half done at this point. The login functionality is not implemented yet and the body texts and images from their old site need updating. I started this site from the get go with responsiveness in mind. Take a look at it on your tablet or smart phone as well as your computer. The site will load slowly the first time because I think that the heroku hosting server goes to sleep after a period of time.

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Fully functional website for a real estate brokerage. This one leverages Wordpress and several APIs to tie into the realtor’s Multiple Listing Service and social media.

Young Women's Empowerment Weekend Image

This is an old site which I did many years ago which is now due for a complete redesign.

Learn by Doing

The Coding Dojo is an immersive web app development course. For 9 straight weeks I coded from 8am until around 8pm at night and also sometimes at home and on the weekends. I put in some 600+ hours of learning and working on projects.

For much of what we did I put no effort into making it presentable. For those I was either focused purely on coding techniques or back end work.

For a few of more complete projects I took at least some time to make it look decent enough to be displayed here.

For the ones that require a login you may enter in whatever you like, real or fake. I intentionally left out the sending of an email to see if the account is real or not

These will open up in a new browser window unless your browser is set to override my settings:

"The Wall"

The Wall Image

The Wall was written in PHP with a MySQL back end and was the most complicated project I did in Procedural Style PHP coding. It mimics the basic functionality of a Facebook wall which is to create messages others can comment on. It's intention was to push the limits of procedural coding before moving on to Object Orientated coding and MVC frameworks. It also taught me session variable useage. The Wall has a MySQL back end. This project has not been refactored. Yes, as you will see Pink Floyd was hard to avoid while coding a project titled "The Wall". See the example code here.

"Friend Finder"

Friend Finder Image

Friend Finder was written in PHP with a MySQL back end and was a project done using object orientated programming. It mimics functionality used in many social websites which is to create a list of friends chosen from a database of users. This project has not been refactored. See the example code here.


Post-Its Image

Postits was written in PHP with a MySQL back end. It uses Ajax to create an app-like experience and is a simple note board with post it notes. I took this all a step further by making the postits draggable and if they are piled up they will come to the front if clicked (usign jQuery). This project has not been refactored. See the example code here.

"Ajax Sorting"

Ajax Sorting Image

Ajax Sorting was written in PHP with a MySQL backend. The project was to mimic features you see on the large high end sites such as Google. What this does is allow you to search a large database, with the search results being returned in real time with each keypress. In addition pagination is used to keep the results table display to a manageable list. This project has not been refactored. See the example code here.

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