I am a Web Developer. I'm especially interested in emergent technologies such as wearable computers, augmented reality, geo-location etc.

The technology stack I'm most familiar with is:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Ruby on Rails 4
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Code Igniter
  • Git
  • Teamsite
  • Wordpress

I spent some 600+ hours (not kidding) during July and August 2013 intensively advancing my coding skills at Coding Dojo in Mountain View. I graduated at the end of August and took a contract position at Plantronics. This has now come to a successful close and I am looking for a full time position.

I am highly experienced in technology having spent the early part of my professional life doing multi-media work in sound and video and by having computers at my fingertips since I was 14 years old.

My experience outside of work is worth noting. I have built and led crews who have successfully delivered sailboats from California to their owners in Hawaii. I have also spent countless hours helping others become the people they have always wanted to be through life-coaching.

Really want to get to know me?

(if not see the short form version on my resume)

I’m one of those people who has had access to a computer from a young age. My parents bought me my first computer, an Atari 400 in the early 80s. Even with that primitive machine I was immediately fascinated with not just playing games, but teaching the computer new tricks using BASIC by typing in commands from a magazine. From there I went to the Apple llc in 1990. My love affair with Apple products lasted from then until 1998 when I built my first PC for gaming. I’ve built many PCs since and because they were cheap, powerful and capable they slowly won me over. I continued to use both PCs and Macs until 2006 when I finally sold my last Mac, a G4.

I’ve always been curious to see what computers could do. Email? I sent my first from a Unix terminal in 1992. If you wanted a reply you practically had to email yourself in those days…. Nobody knew what email was. Internet connectivity? When others had dial up I discovered and adopted ISDN in 1996 and then was one of the early trial customers of DSL a few years later. Blogs? I made my first from scratch in 1999 with PHP 3 and MySQL as a way to communicate with my online gaming team at the time.

From the 1980s until now computers have become the “go to” tool for problem solving. I am a solution orientated person and time and time again I look to the computer to create an answer.

2013-2014 Plantronics

Web Developer

I filled in for a senior developer on a contract basis. In this role I troubleshot, fixed, and improved code on the public facing website. In addition to this I developed a new section to the public website and created a small stand alone website for a major Plantronics client. This was all using Teamsite, HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery and JSP with an ATG database.

2013 Coding Dojo “Learn by doing”

Programming Bootcamp- Student

The Coding Dojo is an intensive web programming boot camp. In nine weeks I put in over 600 hours coding. Unlike most boot camps this one does not skip over procedural and non-framework coding. We solved created both theoretical and practical challenges starting with HTML and CSS, then progressing through jQuery, MySQL, PHP, AJAX to Object Oriented Programming, Ruby and finally two MVC frameworks– Code Igniter and Rails. Upon graduation I intend to dive into their optional courses on Node.js, Mobile development and anything else they let me get my hands on.

I also plan on finding and doing courses on HTML 5, Android, iOS and Augmented Reality which is obviously the exciting future of computing.

2006-2013 Freelance Web Developer

Over this time I did many small websites for local professionals

1997-2006 Digidesign

Audio Hardware and Software Developer– Technical Support

Digidesign was a rising star in the digital audio world in 1996. It’s core product wedded the humble computer to a very sophisticated and expensive set of internal cards and external boxes and controllers to create an audio recording platform of unparalleled power. Ask any musician, studio engineer, or film maker today what Pro Tools is and they’ll know. During my time there Digidesign rose to the very top of this market, defining and dominating the workflow of nearly all music, TV and movies made during this period. I was hired to do technical phone support but in short order found myself in charge of their new web-based support forum. A short time after that they created another position for me which put me in a role that stood between Tech Support and our Software Engineering department. I worked directly with both sides to fix bugs that were important to our clients. This gave me my first experiences with software development and the development cycle.

“Bryan was instrumental in developing a position in which we were able to handle customer complaints and get problems solved where we could not before. He really took the ball and ran with it. His creativity, personality and leadership will be missed here at Digidesign.” -Bob Langlie, VP Customer Service, Digidesign

1995-1997 Living Books

CDROM Multimedia Developer– Sound Designer

A friend of mine saw me editing audio waveforms in a tiny electronic keyboard’s screen and invited me to interview at Living Books (an early industry leading Multimedia company owned by Random House and Broderbund) as a Sound Designer. I got the job and spent a wonderful two years creating sound effects, music sound tracks, and dialog for a line of children’s CDROMS. Remember when ‘Multimedia’ was a new, hot buzz word? This was during that time. Recently in the public library I have seen children playing with “Green Eggs and Ham”, a title I did the sound engineering for in 1996! Disney came into our market that year too and crushed our small company. My manager made some calls and was instrumental in helping me get my next job, at Digidesign.

“On his own, he revolutionized our audio production process by automating simple tasks we used to do by hand. Now the entire department does in hours what we used to do in weeks.” -Bob Marshall, Sound Designer Supervisor, Living Books

1980—Present Sailing, OCSC, Pacific Sail

OCSC and Pacific Yachting are both Sailing Schools- Sailing Instructor, Charter Captain, Team Building Coach

I can’t write about my history and skills without mentioning the sport I love most. Sailing teaches self reliance, coordination, team work, relationship skills, like nothing else. One thousand miles out at sea and you are about five hours away from any help the air can bring you and a day or two away from any physical help on the water. You realize just how insignificant land is on this planet compared to the water. We spend most our lives on the solid fringes. I’ve crossed an ocean twice, in 2004 and 2006. On the second trip I was the organizer and captain and both voyages were amazing, fun, and completed safely.

“Bryan brings fun, quality and safety to everything he does here”. -Marc Kraft, Pacific Yachting

“Bryan was one of the most talented, responsible and timely employees on my staff”. -Rich Jepsen, OCSC

“He may be intense sometimes but dammm...he’s always right”. -Dan, crew of ELARA en-route to Hawaii

Volunteer Experiences

Walnut Avenue Women’s Shelter: serve annually on a team of men who plan, get donations for and provide a holiday party and banquet for the shelter.

Legacy Men’s Organization: Lead groups of volunteers, train new members and life coach the general membership.

Audio Visual Team Lead Member: Set up and ran a very complicated audio visual system for seminars of 100-200 participants. Assisted in enrolling and training new AV team members and assisted in the overall management of the team.

“I would follow Bryan anywhere” -Rick Reynolds, AV Team

Photo of Bryan Myers